Designing the Functional Family Bathroom

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.26.19

Families with children know how messy bathrooms can get. Towels on the floor, water everywhere, toothpaste on the walls.  Hey, let’s be honest, this can happen with just adults in the household too, but there are ways to tame the mess by making smart design decisions. And we know a thing or two about designing functional family bathrooms. 

Typically, in every home there’s a bathroom or two that needs to accommodate both adults and kids; whether you live in a home without a master bath and have to share with your kids, your children share their own bath, or you have a guest bath that needs to accommodate both your kids and your guests. So, we’ve compiled a list of design suggestions to consider when designing a family bathroom.

  1. Shower/Tub Combo.IMG_0745 Bathtubs are a necessity for young children and they are nice to have available for adults to use as well.Freestanding tubs can be difficult for children and older adults to get in and out of and using a shower and tub combo will also you save you valuable space.
  2. Undermount or integrated sinks. Sinks that sit below your counter surface are going to be easier to clean than a vessel style sink.
  3. Single Lever faucets. IMG_9040 Little ones and older adults will be able to operate a lever that lifts and lowers much easier than individual handles that need to be turned.
  4. Double vanity. If space allows, we recommend installing a double vanity.
  5. Tile backsplashes and walls. Thompson-Remodeling-Lakeside-Lower-Level-Remodel16Protect your walls from water, toothpaste and other messes by installing a tile backsplash at the vanity and extending tile from the floor midway up the wall.
  6. Storage options. Thompson-remodeling-Whole House Remodel 27There are many ways to integrate storage into your bathroom. Here are several suggestions: tower cabinets, vanities with drawers or open shelves, custom wall built-ins, and floating shelves.
  7. Plenty of hooks. Towel racks are nice, but include some hooks as well and make sure to hang them at a right height!
  8. Toilet with a soft close seat and lid. Prevent accidental slamming with a soft close toilet seat and lid.
  9. Separate toilet area with a door.Thompson-remodeling-Whole House Remodel 226 This will work particularly well for a household where multiple children or adults are sharing the same bathroom.
  10. Attractive finishes. Select durable finishes that you love. You can add things like a cute shower curtain or colorful towels that suit your children’s personality if you wish.

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