Should My Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Match?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.30.19

This week we are dedicating our blog to a common remodeling question: Should my kitchen and bathroom cabinets match? Our recommendation is to have them either match or compliment one another in style or finish. Read on for our explanation.

First, using the same cabinetry in your kitchen and bathrooms creates a sense of flow and style cohesiveness to your home. Now, some may feel that this is boring and they want to have a little differentiation between the rooms and you can do that without disrupting the flow. Our recommendation is to keep the door styles the same and change the finish or paint color. Another option is to change up the countertop pattern or color. 

Here's an example of matching cabinetry with a different countertop:



And, here's an example of the same style cabinetry with different finishes:



Second, if you are doing a whole house remodel there are cost efficiencies in utilizing the same cabinetry. It will simplify the ordering process, production and delivery of materials. 

And one last tip.  The closer the spaces are in proximity to one another the more important it is for the cabinetry to either match or compliment one another. There are certainly situations where it may be difficult or impossible to make them match exactly.  For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen only and not touching the bathrooms. When that is the case, we recommend consulting with your designer for recommendations on what will work best for your home. 

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