Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.30.20

This year Halloween feels a bit different, but don't let that spoil your fun! There are all sorts of  activities that you can do at home or in your neighborhood to celebrate Halloween safely. Check out our list of family friendly ideas below and start some new traditions that you can continue for years to come!

1. Have a candy hunt.  Take a cue from the Easter Bunny and hide candy for your kids in the house or out in the yard (weather permitting). 

2. Bake some Halloween themed goodies. Cut-out cookies or cupcakes are both great options to decorate with Halloween inspired toppings.

3. Have a movie marathon. Watch all of your favorites together and enjoy some of the holiday goodies you baked together.

4. Ghost your neighbors. Put together a bag of goodies for your neighbors and quietly leave it at their doorstep with a message encouraging them to "ghost" another neighbor.

5. Create Halloween art.  Use whatever materials best suit the age of the kids in the household such as crayons, markers, construction paper, or paint. Everyone can create a spooky portrait or draw a Halloween scene.

6. Dress up in costume and Zoom or FaceTime friends and relatives. 

7. Carve or paint pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a must for Halloween. If you prefer not to deal with all of the mess, have the kids paint them or use stickers.

8. Roast pumpkin seeds. If you do decide to carve your pumpkins, don't let those seeds go to waste!

9. Have a dance party. Find or create a spooky themed playlist and dance the night away.

10. Tell ghost stories.  If you don't know any, look for some that are age-appropriate online.

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