Homeowners are Turning Their Attention to Rooms Outside of the Kitchen

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.23.21

Home will always be where the heart is, that’s for sure.  And everyone has certainly had the opportunity to spend more time at home for the past year and a half. Families have adapted to lifestyle changes and created makeshift spaces to work and learn from home and with each passing month it becomes more evident which spaces can go the distance in a multifunctional capacity and which cannot. As homeowners take a harder look at what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing within their home, we are seeing a trend toward remodeling spaces that are actually outside of the kitchen.  Let’s take a look at some of these spaces.

Home Offices. Extended months of working at the kitchen island can take its toll. Many homeowners have created small office areas within other rooms in the house for additional privacy. These sets ups can be problematic when you have regular zoom meetings or need privacy or quiet to get things done. Home office remodels are at the top of the list for homeowners who need a more permanent solution. Guest bedrooms, a room in the basement, an attic, or even a garage can be converted to a beautiful home office.


Home Gyms.  It’s really hard to utilize your family room as your gym.  Moving the furniture around to set up your yoga mats can get old and who really wants the treadmill to become a regular part of the decor? Creating a dedicated space for workouts is another remodel that is very popular these days. For homes with lower levels, multiple rooms can be created including home gyms, home offices, guest rooms, or home theaters.  


Laundry and Mudrooms. Dedicated laundry and mudrooms are something you will be thankful for after spending months at home with family. These drop it and go rooms help keep the mess out of your main family hangout spaces.  If your home didn’t have one before the pandemic, it’s probably at the top of your list now!


Outdoor Spaces. When the interior of your home is being utilized to the max, your outdoor areas can provide the perfect place to create additional entertainment or hangout areas. There are a lot of options too, from front porches or decks to screened-in porches or patios. Families are taking advantage of these blank outdoor canvases and adding outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or firepits, bars, and hot tubs. 


Is your home supporting your family’s lifestyle or could it use some updates? Give us a call to discuss what’s not working in your home and we’ll tell you how we can help.


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