How To Increase The Value Of Your Home!

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.31.13

Don't plan on selling your home anytime soon? That's OK because savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their home's value.

There are dozens of simple and easy home maintenance tasks you can perform that will greatly increase the value of your home. But before we begin, let me share with you a few home improvements that may actually end up decreasing the value of our home. One example is the backyard pool. Many home shoppers do not want the responsibility of maintaining a pool or hot tub. In fact, those in the market for buying a home often cite a swimming pool as a major stumbling block.

From a resale point of view, you'd be much better off investing your money in a snazzy new kitchen or bathroom. These two improvements top the list of value-added renovations, often recouping 70 to 90 percent or more of their investment cost upon resale. New kitchens and baths have been shown to lead to easier, faster sales. Other value-wise renovations include the replacement of old windows and doors with new, energy efficient models. Landscaping features such as decks also add value. Keep in mind that the quality of work can greatly impact resale value. It's worth the time and expense of having it done right!

Large-scale renovations aren't the only way to build up your home's value. A quality interior paint job just before our home goes on the market will usually pay for itself many times over.

Here's a quick checklist of easy ways you can bolster your home's resale value:


  • Well maintained gutters and downspouts
  • Good roof
  • Lights working
  • Fencing in good condition
  • Well maintained driveway
  • Mowed lawn and well kept plantings


  • No cracks in walls or ceilings
  • Fresh paintwork
  • All electrical switches working
  • No signs of leaks
  • Easy opening doors and windows
  • Floors in good condition

Kitchen & Bathrooms:

  • No leaking faucets
  • Clean, newer grouting
  • Cracked tiles replaced
  • Attractive, clean cabinets and counters
  • Caulking in good condition
  • No stained sinks
  • All appliances and fixtures operating

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