Thompson Remodeling’s Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.21.22

It’s summertime! We've put together a list of exterior and interior tasks to complete to keep your house in top shape. Pick a rainy weekend to tackle the interior jobs and a sunny day with milder temperatures for exterior items.   

Exterior Summer Home Maintenance

  • Clean your gutters by removing any debris.
  • Deep clean your grill.
  • Reseal your deck.
  • Pressure wash your home’s exterior.
  • Wash your windows and check that they are properly sealed.
  • Check faucets for leaks.
  • Deadhead your plants to promote future blooming.

Interior Summer Home Maintenance

  • Clean your ceiling fans.
  • Clean and/or replace your air conditioning filters.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Clean your range hood and filter.
  • Remove and clean your bathroom vent fans.
  • Soak showerheads in vinegar to remove mineral deposits.
  • Clean your dryer vent pipe and hose.

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