Is Your Home Back-To-School Ready?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.14.19

Summer is nearly over and the school year is about to start. Is your home ready? Every year families with children prepare for the oncoming year by making annual back to school shopping trips.  Parents gear up for the change in schedules and get the kids ready for the big switch from summer vacation to school mode.  And this time of year can really wreak havoc on your home if you aren’t prepared. There are backpacks, books, uniforms, sports equipment, and lunches to think about.  Where’s all that stuff going to go?  We’ve got a few tips to help you get your home back to school ready and it’s all about setting up zones.

Keep your family organized during the school year by setting up these back to school friendly zones in your home.

  1. Get Ready Zone. Get the closet ready for getting dressed easily and quickly. First, make sure that everything still fits, including shoes! Then, organize by type: shirts, pants, dresses, etc. You can go a step further by keeping like colors together and separating clothes into sections such as – school, play, and dress up (like church or special events).
  2. Lunch & Snack Zone. Get your pantry in order for making lunches and grabbing snacks by setting up shelves and/or bins with staple items. Designate drawers in the refrigerator as well and let the kids know where they can find quick snacks at the end of the school day.
  3. Drop & Go Zone. Mudrooms are lifesavers all year long, but especially so during the school year. Coats, gloves, boots, sports equipment and backpacks can stay here overnight instead of making their way throughout the house.IMG_1254
  4. Command Center Zone. Keep all of the school paperwork and schedules in one place. Set up a master calendar by posting an oversized paper calendar or chalkboard so that everyone can see what coming up. Establish in and out boxes for incoming and outgoing paperwork for school, sports and other activities.IMG_1123
  5. Homework Zone. Create a space where the children can focus on their studies.  Make sure they have desk or table space to spread out with their laptops and books and provide plenty of lighting.

We hope you find these tips helpful and hope the 2019/2020 school year is a fun and successful one for your family!


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