Painted or Stained Cabinets? A Quick Look at the Pros of Each.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.22.19

If a kitchen or bathroom renovation is on your horizon you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what type of cabinets you want to choose.  Cabinetry accounts for a large portion of your remodeling budget, so it’s important to consider your finish options carefully.  Do you go with   painted or stained? Each has its benefits depending on your preferred design aesthetic and your budget parameters.

First we’ll look at the pros of stained cabinets.


  1. Allows the texture and distinctive features of the wood, like grains and knots to shine through
  2. Easy to touch up scratches or nicks
  3. Usually cost less than painted cabinets
  4. Finish will last approximately 20-30 years

Here are the benefits of painted cabinets.


  1. Allows you to get colorful in your kitchen as you can choose any color you like
  2. Offers a smooth, clean finish
  3. Hides wood’s imperfections
  4. Finish will last approximately 10 years

Need help deciding? Our design team is happy to help.  We get to know each of our homeowner’s needs and preferences in order to make the best recommendations on cabinet finishes and styles.  Take a look at our kitchen and bath portfolios to see a variety of projects we’ve completed and get some ideas for your own home!


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