Is Your Home Telling You It's Time to Remodel?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.26.18

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! I’m sure many of you are busy planning family gatherings, shopping ‘til you drop, or getting ready to bake up all kinds of delicious confections.  I love this time of year!  But, have you ever noticed that this is also when those less than perfect areas of your home will really cause you frustration? As you host family and friends for the holidays, you may find yourself critiquing what could be working better for you in your home. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  Many homeowners will make the decision it’s finally time to remodel just after the New Year. 

But, how do you know it's time?

If you are experiencing any of the following in your home, it could be the right time to remodel.

  1. Lack of functionality is causing daily frustration. When preparing meals in the kitchen becomes a headache or you’re fighting for vanity space with your significant every morning, you may be living in a space that doesn’t support your functional needs.
  2. It’s impossible to keep clean and organized.We’re talking beyond your everyday clutter or mess that occurs when the kids get home from school. A few key examples include kitchen countertops that are always covered, your closet bursting at the seams, or you have to store necessary items outside of the room where they are needed.
  3. Finishes are outdated or worn out. Does your home look like it would fit into to one of your favorite TV shows of the 70’s or 80’s?  Are your major finishes showing wear and tear? Common problem areas include flooring, kitchen cabinets and appliances, light fixtures, tubs and showers, and bathroom vanities.
  4. It doesn’t reflect your personal style. This can go hand in hand with a space being outdated or perhaps you never liked the style of the space to begin with. Remodeling allows you to change it exactly how you like!
  5. You’re family needs have changed. Over the years, your family can expand or become smaller and the ages of the members of your household will change as well. Your existing space may not support the lifestyle needs of your family unit in its current state.
  6. You have a room (or rooms) that you seldom or never use. Don’t let good space go to waste. These areas are ripe for repurposing!
  7. You dislike a room (or rooms) so much that you are embarrassed by it. Do you have a room in the house where the door must remain closed, especially if you’re having company? Sometimes, you can’t hide the room that causes you to cringe, particularly if it’s a kitchen or living room.  Your home should be your haven, not a place that causes you stress or embarrassment.

If you’ve found yourself nodding as you read over this list, perhaps its time for you to consider remodeling.  A remodel could be just what you need to love your home again! Please, feel free to reach out to us to discuss your home and discuss your vision for a happy and functional home.






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