Maximizing Light in Your Home Office

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.17.20

Home offices have become must-have spaces in today’s homes. Even before the pandemic, we worked with many homeowners to create new home offices or repurpose existing spaces into a comfortable working environment.  For many, working from home has become the new normal and our dedicated and make-shift office spaces are getting lots of use.

Proper lighting in your home office and the ability to adjust it throughout the day is important. Check out our tips below on how to maximize the light in your home office.

  1. Use natural light resources to your benefit.
    • Position desks near windows.
    • Add shades to windows to allow light filtering to preventcompl glares on monitors.
    • Glass doors and sky lights are great sources of natural light as well.
  2. Add task lighting such as:
    • Recessed lighting
    • Desk or floor lamps
    • Pendant lighting
    • Wall sconces
    • Undercabinet lighting
  3. Utilize dimmers to allow adjustment to lighting as needed.

Interested in a little inspiration? Here are two examples of home offices we've completed. You might also enjoy reading our blog on Tips for Planning a Home Office Remodel.

37 This home office enjoys natural light from a large window and sliding door. Recessed lighting overhead and under cabinet lighting provides adjustable task lighting for both desk areas.


This home office has a nice sized window and a skylight, overhead lighting, and a table lamp that can be moved around as needed.



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