Blog Series: Home Projects You Can Complete While Sheltering in Place. #4 Simple Yard Clean Up List

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.30.20

Welcome to our final installment of our blog series - Home Projects You Can Do While Sheltering in Place. In our last blog we provided a deep clean list, which focused on tasks for the inside of your home. This week we are going to shift your attention to the outside of your home, specifically your lawn and garden areas.

With warmer days coming our way, you can pick a few days to get outside and complete this Simple Yard Clean Up List.


  1. Remove all debris from your lawn including twigs and pet waste.
  2. When lawn is dry, rake up all loose leaves.
  3. Rake through any matted dead grassy areas (also known as thatch).
  4. If you have it available, treat any bare spots in your yard with a combination of topsoil, grass seed, and fertilizer.

Trees & Shrubs

  1. Trim off any dead or diseased branches.
  2. Prune back to live stems. Be careful to only prune flowering bushes BEFORE they begin to bloom. For those already in bloom, wait until blooming stops before pruning.
  3. Ornamental grasses should be tied up and trimmed as close to the ground as possible.

Gardens & Flower Beds

  1. Remove all weeds, dead growth, leaves, and old mulch.
  2. If you have perennials, you can divide them and spread them by replant throughout your garden.
  3. Till the ground and add new mulch, if available.

Patio Furniture

  1. Spray down metal or plastic furniture with a hose. If still dirty, you can use a mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water and use a scrub brush to clean it. Then hose it off again with water.
  2. Wicker or rattan furniture can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. A toothbrush can be helpful for getting in between grooves.

Once you’ve finished the list you sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces with pride!

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