Open Floor Plans Drive Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2019

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.21.18

In today’s homes, the kitchen does more than just serve as a cooking area. It’s often the main family gathering space, entertainment hub, part-time home office, and even a homework spot.  These multifunctional requirements and the prevalence of open floor plans with the kitchen at the center have made design aesthetics for this space even more important. Your kitchen needs to reflect your style preferences and feel connected with the other rooms in your home.

Recently, the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) hosted a webinar on cabinetry trends for 2019 led by Stephanie Pierce, director of design for Master Bath Cabinets. Pierce highlighted many emerging trends that we too are seeing in the kitchen remodels that Thompson Remodeling is designing for clients.


Cabinet Organizers

Homeowners are looking for ways to keep things organized and easier to access within their cabinets. Items like pull-outs, roll out trays, lazy susans, and pantries are heavily sought. 

Thompson-remodeling-Industrial Retro Kitchen6

Clean & Simple Detailing

Cabinetry with less ornate trim or detail is preferred today and people are leaning towards a more modern or contemporary design aesthetic.


Rustic Wood Grains

Cabinets featuring the natural and defined grains are very popular. Their depth and texture bring interest into the kitchen and provide the background canvas for design.


Cottage Style

White, ivory, and khaki tones are the hallmark of cottage style. The simplicity of the color palette compliments other colors used in the home as well as more ornate details such as lighting or a patterned backsplash.


Light and Dark Finishes

Balancing white upper wall cabinets with a darker toned lower cabinets or island continues to be on trend.  This combination allows the kitchen to flow easily into other rooms that may have darker toned decor and furnishings.


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