Bump-out Additions - Small but Mighty

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.28.18

Many homeowners think the answer to getting more space in their homes is to add an addition. Sometimes that is a great solution, but there are times when a bump-out addition can provide just the right amount of space at a lower price point. Read our Q&A’s below to see if a bump-out addition might be right for your home.

What exactly is a bump-out addition?

Just as it sounds, a bump-out is a small expansion added on to an existing room. It can extend anywhere from 2 to 15 feet, which may seem insignificant, but in some cases that’s really all you need to make a big impact.

What are the major benefits of a bump-out addition?

  • Lower cost to build than a full addition
  • Can be added to lower and upper levels
  • They don’t require additional HVAC
  • Small enough to appear seamless, which results in minimal change to your home’s exterior appearance

Where and how can a bump-out make an impact?

  • In a kitchen where a small amount of space will have a big impact in the overall design. Examples would include creating a larger eat-in space, a longer run of countertop area, or perhaps a bay window to bring in more natural light.
  • In a small bathroom to provide additional space for a soaker tub, luxury shower, or perhaps a double vanity.
  • To expand the size of your walk-in closet or create a small sitting area in a master bedroom.
  • To create space for built-in shelving or an entertainment center in a living room.
Bump-out additions can provide the solution to creating more space in small or awkwardly oriented rooms. Our designers are able to identify when this a good option for your home. If it’s not, they will present other possibilities that will make more sense for your particular needs.

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