Our Favorite Home Products from This Year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.21.20

If you like to be the first know about new products for the home, you’ll want to read our list of favorite items seen at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this year. As the largest kitchen and bath design show in North America, this is THE place to spot the latest trends and innovations.

  1. Voice-Activated Faucets
    Ask you shall receive. Voice activated faucets will dispense warm or hot water or exactly the amount of water you need for your recipe. Two options that pair with Google or Alexa include Delta’s VoiceIQ and Moen’s U Faucet.960x0
  2. Glass Rinsers
    Ever seen a bartender or waiter quickly rinse the inside of a glass by pressing down on little device at the sink? Now you can have one of those at home! Delta is offering glass rinsers as an add-on for your kitchen, bar, or even bathroom sink.wGR150_MODEL_WATER_ANGLE
  3. Pull-Out Spray Faucets for the Bathroom
    Delta is the first brand making faucets with an integrated pull-out sprayer and we can't wait to try it in our bathrooms! Just think of how easy it will be to keep the sink clean.35765LF-PD_MODEL_02_WEBDelta

  4. Convertible Fridge DrawersInstalled under your countertops, Signature Kitchen Suite's Convertible Drawers offer six settings from pantry to freezer. Think beyond the kitchen and install one of thees in your home office or exercise room. lg-kbis0006-012020-1580140303Signature Kitchen Suite
  5. Aromatherapy Handshower
    Essential oils are all the rage for their health benefits, so why not start your day off right when you get in the shower. Moen is offering Aromotherapy Handshowers that diffuse oils into your shower without leaving any residue. moen-1580138022Moen
  6. Murano Collection Sink.
    The beauty of Native Trails' Murano Collection caught our eye immediately. These colorful glass vessel sinks are like works of art for your bathroom. Perfect for making a statement in your powder room or even side-by-side on your master's double vanity.Interior-Design-KBIS-2020-Native_Trails_Positano_Shoreline_WEB_2000

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