Recoup Values are Over 100% on Two Upscale Curb Appeal Renovations in Grand Rapids.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.31.18

Wow we have to say we were surprised when we checked out Remodeling Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report for 2018. Every year when the report is released, we study it to see which projects have the top recoup value in the Grand Rapids area and this year there are two curb appeal renovations that have a return above the initial investment amount! For as many years as we’ve been blogging about this report, we’ve never seen values at 100% or more.

Our review of the upscale remodeling projects Cost Vs. Value chart showed the following as the top three projects in Grand Rapids:

Upscale Garage Door Replacement, Average Job Cost: $3,411

Replacing your garage doors will increase curb appeal and safety. An upscale garage door replacement rings in at a 106.8% return.

Thompson-remodeling-Crystal Springs Exterior Makeover2-6.jpgUpscale Grand Entrance (Fiberglass), Average Job Cost: $8,326

Your front door is one of the first impressions of your home. Upgrade your front door and exterior trim and make your home more welcoming. An upscale grand entrance will bring you a 101.4% return.

Thompson-remodeling-Crystal Springs Exterior Makeover1.jpg

Upscale Vinyl Window Replacement, Average Job Cost: $15,587

New windows will improve the look and efficiency of your home. Replace existing windows energy efficient models and save money on your utility bills. Upscale vinyl windows have a recoup value of 72.5%

Thompson-remodeling-Crystal Springs Exterior Makeover6.jpg

If you’ve been thinking about an exterior renovation project, you can certainly feel confident about making the investment!

For the full report and complete project, descriptions, you can download the Grand Rapids report by following this link.



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