Six Ideas for Using Reclaimed Materials in Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.2.17

The use of reclaimed and recycled materials has become extremely popular in remodeling. Although it may have started as a trend, it has now become more mainstream to look for ways to incorporate salvaged materials into remodeling designs. It’s really a win-win decision. Not only can homeowners and remodelers feel good about using environmentally friendly materials, but they can also enjoy the unique character that reclaimed items bring to a remodeled space. If you love the concept but don’t know where to start, here are some ideas on how you can reuse, recycle or upcycle in a kitchen remodel.

    1. Top your island with a vintage butcher block or piece of reclaimed wood. If you really want a standout look, consider a live-edge slice of wood.
    1. Add some floating shelves made of reclaimed wood and use them to display dishes, glassware or even cookbooks.
    1. Incorporate a vintage or upcycled lighting fixture. Industrial-style lights made from galvanized pipes and Edison bulbs bring a cool edge to a kitchen with white cabinetry.
    2. Select an antique farmhouse sink to add interest and charm.
    1. Instead of a regular door on your pantry, use a reclaimed barn door.
  1. Reclaimed and vintage hardware such as handles, knobs or drawer pulls will add tons of charm without breaking the bank.

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