Six Popular Home Design Trends for 2022

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.27.22

The increased time spent at home over the past few years has encouraged homeowners to take a keen interest in making updates to their homes. One of the top online resources to find ideas and inspiration is, where users can search over 20 million photos.  Houzz took a look at the top searches during the first quarter of 2022 and revealed the following six design trends are on the rise.

  1. Drought tolerant landscaping. With so many parts of the country experiencing drought conditions, homeowners are seeking gardening ideas that utilize less water.
  2. Front doors. Replacing your front door can really improve the look of your home entrance. You may be surprised to learn that green was the most searched color, followed by red.
  3. Extra-large chandeliers. Homeowners are looking to punctuate their style by adding an extra-large light fixture.  Lantern chandeliers and wicker pendants were also trending higher year over year.
  4. Midcentury Modern style. Searches for kitchens of this style soared to a 576% increase over the previous year and homeowners were also interested in bedroom and exteriors with a midcentury modern style.
  5. Barndo homes. This term relates to barns that have been converted to homes featuring open layouts with soaring ceilings.
  6. Cloffice. What the heck is that? This is when you convert a closet to an office!

What type of home design updates are at the top of your list? Give Thompson Remodeling a call to discuss your remodeling ideas. We’ve been helping homeowners in Grand Rapids remodel their homes to better suit their lifestyle for 38 years. What can we design and build for you?

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