The Messy Kitchen is a New Design Trend

Posted by Ben Thompson on 07.12.19

Wait, are you telling me that a kitchen with dirty dishes in the sink is now the latest design trend? Not exactly. We too were a bit surprised by the term, but once we explain, we think it will make sense. 

Remember when kitchens used to be in the back of the house and closed off from view? Essentially, someone could be in there cooking up a storm completely out of view and without any interruption.  This is not the scenario in most new kitchens today. The popularity of the open concept floorplan has caused our kitchens to become focal points and a main gathering space in our homes.  You could say that they are on display and let’s face it; it’s hard to keep it spotless when you are cooking and serving meals.  This is where a Messy Kitchen can come in handy.

A Messy Kitchen is actually an adjoining room off your main kitchen that is out of sight from your main living areas.  This is an area where you would prepare your serving trays, keep your small appliances like coffee makers or toasters, do your dishes, and any other tasks you don’t want your guests to see. 

If you are considering an open concept kitchen remodel, give some thought to incorporating a Messy Kitchen into your design, particularly if you do a lot of entertaining.

Here’s a list of items your Messy Kitchen could include:

  • Countertop space for prep
  • Cabinetry for storing serving ware, small appliances, trash and recycling bins
  • Sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Plenty of outlets
  • Exposed shelves
  • Pantry
  • Wine racks
  • Pocket door

Interested in chatting about a kitchen remodel or think a Messy Kitchen could be for you? Please contact us to discuss how we can help you love your home again!

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