Top 5 Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.13.18

When you are remodeling your bathroom there are several options when it comes to providing closure for your shower.  There’s the tried and true shower curtain, the economical sliding doors, and then you have the framed glass door, or a frameless glass shower door.  Budget can play a big factor in which option makes the most sense for your particular project and any of will work to keep water inside the shower, where it belongs.  But in recent years, most of our clients have been opting to invest in a frameless glass shower door for their bathroom remodel and there are definite benefits to doing so.


Here are the top 5 benefits of frameless glass shower doors

  1. They come in any size. This allows your designer complete flexibility in designing the size of your shower space. If you want an expansive spa shower or need a smaller corner walk-in, a frameless glass shower door can be made to fit either scenario.IMG_4613
  2. Allow the flow of light. The bathroom is one of those areas where light flow is pretty important in performing your daily routine.  When you are in a dark shower it can make finding the shampoo, soap, and razors a bit difficult. With a frameless glass shower door, natural and artificial light can flow into the space to help improve visibility.IMG_5560
  3. Makes a space feel larger.Shower curtains and sliding shower doors can cut off your sight lines, whereas glass will allow your eye to see into the shower space, creating a sense that the room is larger. If you have a smaller bathroom, a glass door is the way to go.IMG_1273
  4. Less chance of mold build-up. Since a frameless glass door has no seals around it, there’s no place for water and soap to gather and build-up.  IMG_3331
  5. Easier to clean.The bathroom is generally not a favorite place to clean and showers and bathtubs can be particularly cumbersome. With a frameless glass door, you can squeegee the door and typically get in and out easier to clean the floor and walls.

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