A Selection Our Clients Love – Pendant Lighting  

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.31.18

Pendant lighting has become a very popular choice for our clients who are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.  This type of light hangs from the ceiling from a pole, cord, or chain and comes in a wide variety sizes, styles, and materials. Often, they become a focal point, which makes them an important part of the overall design aesthetic for a room. From oversized lanterns to more refined decorative glass or intricate metal designs, there is pendant light available to suit nearly any space.

Pendants provide task lighting, which makes them perfect for lighting over bathroom vanities, kitchen sinks, kitchen islands and dining room tables.  Size is important to consider when selecting this type of fixture. You will want to stay in line with the size of the room and the area it will be illuminating.  For example, a large pendant light fixture would look great over a dining room table, but it would be overwhelming over the kitchen sink.  A kitchen island can use multiple pendants to provide the proper amount of task lighting and the size of each will depend on the size of the island.

To give you some ideas on how pendant lighting could fit into your own remodel design, here are several examples of recent remodeling projects we have completed.


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