When a Kitchen Island Isn’t an Option, Consider a Peninsula

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.12.19

One of the top requests we hear when designing a kitchen remodel is to include an island. They’ve become a coveted element of design due to the functionality they can add to your kitchen. If you are looking for more storage, another prep area, or a place to sit for casual meals, a kitchen island can offer you all that and more. In some cases, however, they aren’t feasible due to the size or shape of a room’s layout.  But don’t fret; if your kitchen can’t accommodate one, we have another solution, a peninsula!

The key difference between a kitchen island and a peninsula is that the former is freestanding and open on all sides, where the latter is attached to a wall or run of cabinetry and is open on three sides.  Peninsulas can be customized to suit your needs just as much as an island and when all is said and done, you may love it even more than an island.

Here’s a look at two kitchen remodels we completed where a peninsula was a key part of the design.

IMG_3152This kitchen was too narrow for an island, yet had plenty of great wall space for cabinets and countertops. The dining and living rooms are right  next to the kitchen,  so we positioned the peninsula at the end of a cabinet run and extended it into a square seating space. This creates the perfect spot for casual meals or provides overflow seating when the family is entertaining.




You can read more about this project and see additional photos here.





CMS_Kitchen_006This kitchen is designed to accommodate two chefs and features two L-shaped work spaces, one of which makes up the lower tier of the peninsula. The upper tier serves as a counter with seating and faces into the kitchen so that children or guests can sit and chat with the homeowners while they are preparing meals.




You can learn more about this project and see additional photos here. 





These are just two great examples of how to integrate a peninsula into a kitchen design. Before making the decision on which way to go, either island or peninsula, we always discuss the homeowners wants and needs for their kitchen space and then consider the space we have to work with and determine how to best meet their needs. 

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