New Master Bathroom Products for Wellness & Relaxation

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.18.19

For years we’ve been designing master bathrooms that improve functionality and create a more relaxing atmosphere for homeowners.  Finishes and fixtures that suit our client’s color preferences are always incorporated, and many like to add showers or bathtubs that can transform their bath into a spa-like experience. We don’t anticipate any of that going away; in fact, wellness has come to the forefront of manufacturer’s like Kohler and Toto’s new product offerings for the bath.

The termKohler Veil Lighted Suite wellness refers to a person’s overall well being, and the harmony of one’s mind, body and spirit.  One of the major elements affecting our wellness is light and Kohler has created a whole suite of bathroom products designed to produce light that will coordinate with your body’s circadian rhythms.  Also known as your body’s internal clock or sleep/wake cycle, your circadian rhythm can be completely thrown off by bright lights at the wrong time of the day.  Think about how awful it is to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and have to switch on the lights.  With the Veil Lighted Suite, a lighted tub, mirror, vanity, sink, and toilet will provide the right amount of light to match your circadian rhythm based on the time of day.  The system can be controlled through motion or voice sensors, or remote control through the Kohler Konnect app and are set to your preferences. (Photo by Kohler)


You’ve probably heard of a spa-tub, but have you heard of  “destination bathtubs”? These are the next generation of bathtubs that are taking the spa experience to a new level with massaging waterfalls and even zero gravity floatation. 

  • Inspired by Japanese Hot Springs, the new Aqua Moment air bath by American Standard’s DXV brand has a cascading waterfall to massage your shoulders and colorful LED lights that can be changed to suit your mood.DXV_DXV-Aqua-Moment-Drop-in-Airbath-with-Waterfall_b7c0024fPhoto by DXV
  • If you want to experience ultimate relaxation, Toto offers the Recline Comfort tub that simulates zero gravity, offering bathers the sense of weightlessness, which takes the pressure off of all the body’s joints
    new_flotation_tubPhoto by Toto

Lastly, if you want a toilet that will open and close on demand that is also self-deodorizing and cleaning, the Toto Neorest NX2 might be for you. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, in addition to its convenient features, it boasts energy and water saving technology.

We’d love to test out all of these cool new wellness promoting products! How about you?

Are you ready to improve your master bathroom? We can create the right design to suit your needs and assist with selecting fixture and selections that offer the functionality you desire.  If you would like to speak to us about your project, please reach out to us!

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