Zellige Tile is Making a Comeback

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.17.21

It’s exciting to see historic handmade materials gaining popularity again.  If you haven’t heard of Zellige tiles, you’ve probably seen them before, but didn’t know what they were called. Zellige tiles are square, handmade Moroccan tiles that have been around since the 10th century. They are made of clay and water, then hand-shaped, kiln fired, and glazed with enamel for a glossy finish available in a variety of colors.

In comparison to the ever-popular subway tile, which offers consistent coloration and texture, handmade Zellige tiles will provide unique variations and subtle imperfections that add character to whatever surface it graces. They are installed to a surface prepared with adhesive cement and positioned without tile spacers, resulting in a grout-less appearance. They would make a beautiful kitchen backsplash or accent wall. 

If you’d like to incorporate a design element in your kitchen or bath that will bring some unique character to the space, consider Zellige tiles. Here are some photos of projects featuring Zellige tiles that will get your creative juices flowing.


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