Relax and Get Away from It All…In Your Bathroom

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.28.21

The pandemic has us critiquing our spaces at home and looking for ways to make them more comfortable and functional for working, schooling, and entertaining. The flip side of all that activity is the real need for a place to relax and recharge. One room in the house that can be used very effectively as a private oasis is your master bathroom.  With a thoughtful design, you create a place where you can recharge in the morning and decompress in the evening.

Here’s how:                                      

Pamper yourself in a spa shower

Customize your shower exactly as you like it by adding special shower heads with speakers or aromatherapy integrations or install double shower heads and multiple body sprayers for added luxury. Select beautiful tile that suites your taste and integrate bench seating and niches to hold all of your shower necessities.

Escape for a relaxing soak

Tubs are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes with everything from jets to color lighting, music, and aromatherapy. Consider integrating additional features to your bathroom to enhance your soaking time such as fireplaces or flat screens.

Add Luxurious Touches

Start with beautiful dimmable lighting fixtures, then add things like heated flooring, voice activated or touchless faucets, and towel warmers. Consider splurging for a high-end toilet that lights up, has a heated seat, and self-flushes and self-cleans! 

Are you ready to create your own oasis at home? Give us a call so we can discuss your ideas and start planning a design that you will love. 

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