Does your home’s curb appeal measure up?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.31.15

Thompson Remodeling's Tips for Increasing Curb Appeal

Ah yes, we all know what they say about first impressions and when it comes to your home, that first impression can be summed up in two words -- curb appeal. Improving your home’s exterior appearance has two great benefits: improving your pride of ownership and increasing your home’s value. Seasonally, it’s a good idea to take a look at the outside of your home to see how your curb appeal measures up.

Here’s a list of curb appeal improvements you can make to your home. Some can be done with very little investment in time and money. Others will require hiring a professional, but are well worth the investment to improve your home value.

Do it yourself fast fixes:

  • Paint your front door and/or garage doors
  • Install or change outdoor lighting
  • Upgrade hardware such as your house numbers, doorknocker and doorknob
  • Clean up your landscaping – trim branches, prune bushes, mulch your flower beds, plant new shrubs, trees and flowers
  • Power wash the exterior, decks and patios
  • Clean out your gutters

Thompson Remodeling Curb AppealHire a professional for these projects:

  • Create a new entryway with a covered portico, pergola, or porch
  • Upgrade your siding
  • Install new windows
  • Replace your roof
  • Change your front door
  • Paint the exterior
  • Create or update your walkway
  • Resurface or seal the driveway
  • Add or replace a fence
  • Replace gutters and down spouts

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