5 Random Tools We Like

These are five, universal tools that everyone can use.  Enjoy chores made easy!

1) Autobit screwdriver from Woodcraft in Kentwood or online.

2) LED Flashlights – buy yourself a 3 pack and stash them around the house.  One place I keep one is in my dresser, another is the junk drawer in the kitchen.  Another clever spot to stash one is at the electrical box.  When the lights go out, I know where to find one. Here is an example from Amazon.

3) Folding Ladder – Little Giant or I bought a simple Werner version at Menards for $89.  Here it is on Amazon.

Bernzomatic 19170 TX405 Spark Lighter and Flints

4) Basic blow torch – My primary purpose for this is as fire starter.  Pistol grip is easiest ($25ish) or the old school valve that you’ll use a flint sparker to start is the manliest for $8ish.  You can buy the propane canisters at any hardware store.

Ames True Temper Clog-Free Poly Leaf Rake With 48-Inch Cushion Grip Wood Handle 1906500

5) No clog rakes by True Temper – cushy handle prevents blisters and tine design saves the hassle of releasing leave clumps from the tines. Buy on Amazon or at a local hardware store.

Bonus Tool: Log Tote

Uniflame Heavy Weight Canvas Log Tote with Closed Ends

A log carrier allows you to carry more, stay clean yourself, and not have to sweep your floors after you bring logs in the house to start a fire.  Inexpensive + Smart = Cool. You can buy it on Amazon.

Fun note: This content was shared on the final LIVE episode of the Thompson Remodeling Home Improvement Show on Newsradio WOOD 1300 & 106.9  on 9/3/11 www.woodradio.com