5 Minutes, Less Stress

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.24.11

Last Wednesday I tripped over something at the bottom of our staircase down to the basement. I needed to bring up all the Christmas decorations and what was before me felt like a sea of stuff in the basement. Emotions I dare not share welled up inside me and I went on a 5 minute power clean. I didn’t call a family meeting, I didn’t ask for help, I just started stacking and sorting.

Why I share this is because it felt so good! You, my friends, may experience the same bliss I did from spending 5 minutes on your basement. Maybe even make it your goal for the winter to totally clean out your basement. It is our goal, and now that I’ve shared this with you I will benefit from the power of your accountability, and you may benefit by joining me in your own winter de-clutter.

My favorite part of the basement is the Donate section. We have so much cool stuff that we no longer use – the weight bench, foosball table, the small steelcase desk, and the bag full of 33″ pants that I ain’t ever gonna fit in again. Happy de-cluttering.

Topics: Love Where You Live, Care & Maintenance, cleaning, clutter, donations