5 Plumbing Tips You Need to Know

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.22.11

Last week on the Home Improvement Show, Pat, Sandie and I did a segment on 10 Common Plumbing Tips and we rated them based on how practical, beneficial, and probable people are to actually benefit from these tips.  Here is my list of the 5 essential tips, nothing more:

1) Main Shut off Valve – everyone in the house needs to know where the main shut off valve is just in case something goes wrong.

2) If the toilet is overflowing, immediately remove the cover and push down on the “flapper” to stop the water from flowing into the bowl.

3) The type of plunger you need are the ones shaped like a trumpet mute (i.e. – bell shaped).

4) When you plunge a bathtub or sink, use a standard light duty plunger or a RowPump

5) Change the filters in your home’s various filtration systems (e.g. – refrigerator, drinking water, softener pre-filter, humidifier pads).

If you stick to these basics you’ll be just fine.

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