Baby Steps to Loving Where You Live

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.22.11

1. Move one room at a time.  Kristin's latest creation in our home is our daughter's big girl room.  Her makeover was fun, less than $250, and Reagan loves it.

2. De-clutter.  Here is a recent experience from my life that I titled, "Chair-free Living" and posted here.

3. Let's talk budget.  Essentially everyday someone calls Thompson Remodeling to talk through a project on their mind.  Over the phone we talk budget.  Some people find out how much of an investment they may need to make and it feels like a kick in the gut to their dream.  Others, who become our clients, see that phone conversation as the day their vision for their home started to take form.  It went from an idea about a real problem in their home, through our process, to become something real, tangible, and for their daily enjoyment. I'm interested in your reaction to the projects that are on your mind.

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