Avoid Costly Repairs to HVAC Equipment

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.17.09

Avoid Costly Maintenance to Your HVAC System.
How? By changing your furnace filter monthly. Most premature damage and failure to yours and my HVAC systems are caused by not changing your furnace filters regularly. Rule of thumb - when you pay your mortgage head downstairs and change your furnace filter.  For those of you with 4-5" furnace filters.  First off, congratulations to you for taking a positive step toward improving the quality of your indoor environment.  Secondly, get yourself a 12" or so white board and stick it to the ducting near your furnace (magnets are fabulous for this).  Write a date 3 months out from the day you install the new filter and check it then.  If it still looks fairly clean, check it monthly up to 6 months total between changes.  That's an easy trick from the Thompsons.

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