Brass Bash February 2011

Posted by Ben Thompson on 01.25.11

Take a quick glance down at your hands.  What color is your ring/watch/jewelry?  Do you like your jewelry?  If you were married before 1997 is it or was it at one time gold?  What color is the door hardware, cabinet pulls, plumbing fixtures, and light fixtures in your home?  Does it look current to you?  If it is brass and you love it then this post is not for you.  Live and let live, and Love Where You Live.  The color of your hardware may be a frivolous conversation but then again this may be the minor change that makes all the difference in selling [or being willing to stay in] your home.

We all know that trends change just like the tides.  I have talked about building trends in other blog posts.  In the 1980s & 1990s we designed, specified, and installed an amazing amount of brass door hardware, cabinet hardware, and brass light fixtures.  Last Friday my mom (Sandie) came by the office and dropped off some pictures of one of our Home Show booths.  Oak, brass, and Decora laminate cabinets are everywhere in the photo.

Currently in 2011 the rules are a little more open-ended.  But what's entrenched pretty firmly in our designer's & product suppliers  is anything goes but Brass...unless the client loves it.  This brings me to next month's special offer.

In the month of February 2011 we will celebrate the Brass Bash.  If you hire us to trade out (provide and install) any of your current brass fixtures with anything other than brass I will provide the new fixtures to you at the price I pay.  We will pass the savings on to you as an incentive to update the jewelry of your home. I have never done any "negative" advertising, but even though your brass hardware doesn't have feelings, I still feel bad.

Some of the real reasons behind this offer:

  1. If you plan to sell your home, current fixtures (in the eyes of the market) is one less stumbling block potential buyers have to overcome.  Cool sells easier than functional.  Current sells better than something that hearkens back to a time when your kids were cub scouts.
  2. Changing hardware is a much less expensive update than a whole new kitchen or bath.  Try this and see if it makes the remodel itch go away.
  3. Tarnished brass doesn't look good to anyone's fashion sense

Give me a call and let's get to work on updating your home.  616-942-1866 or

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