Breakfast Light

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.15.09

My daughter is 18 months old. One thing this means is that making breakfast for her must be a tightly choreographed and entertaining experience for my high chair bound fan. She woke up early this morning so I went upstairs to her room, collected her from her crib, and the poor little muffin was pretty sleepy as we walked to the kitchen. Mind you, I had already been working to satisfy my need for caffeine so I dropped her into her high chair and reached for the pendant light control next to the coffee grinder. I slowly brought the dimmer to a comfortable wake up level for her sleepy eyes. Then I rolled her with me over to the stove and started cracking eggs for our breakfast. She got cranky so I quick shifted gears to cutting up grapes for miss booger-butt. I started cutting the grapes and decided it was way too dark & early to try to blindly cut grapes against my thumb so I just reached up and turned on the light on the hood vent. And then my epiphany happened...the reason for this blog entry.

I realized in a very practical way how important and cool it is to have layers of light with flexible control in a kitchen. The combination of mood lighting and task lighting provided comfort for her and safety for me. So there you have it...let me give you layers of light!

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