Storage Secrets

Posted by Ben Thompson on 05.17.09

We three Thompsons think about how to make living in your home easier all the time. We just can't turn it off...

Here are some practical, often overlooked storage secrets for the bathroom, kitchen, and other important storage areas around the house.

When thinking about storage:
1) Remember: "A storage system must be a retrieval system." Sandie Thompson
2) Carefully plan your storage areas, before you create the storage system.
3) Buy your storage containers before you build any shelves/cabinets.
4) Is this storage for adults or do you want the kids to use the storage system too? If you want them to put stuff away, make special plans for it to be easy for them.

Storage Secrets by Space:
1) Put towel hooks within easy reach of the shower.
2) Consider a low towel bar for the kids.
3) A household of 2 people may need 6 bath towels. 3-6 bath towels require 15" of vertical shelf space when folded.

1) Paper towels are 11" x 6" - makes it difficult to have 2 deep in a 12" cabinet
2) Napkins are 7-8" squares
3) Toilet paper (4 pack) is 10"w x 6"d x 9"t
4) Kleenex - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 5"t
5) Canning "Mason" Jars - 16-17" tall between shelves is recommended to stack 2 high.
6) Don't forget to leave space for the broom or small vacuum.

1) Soup laddles don't fit in a standard 5" deep drawer. We recommend at least (1) deep drawer near the cooking area of the kitchen for extra utensils if you want to get the utensil crock off the counter top.
2) Roll out trays are always helpful.
3) It's not just the trash anymore...we also need room for a recycle bin.

Pre-planning your storage spaces will maximize the space and help keep your storage system a retrieval system. When in doubt, clean it out! Thank you, Sandie Thompson, for these helpful tips.

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