Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.16.09

4 out of 5 mornings I trip over a chair while dressing.  It's a lovely chair, we bought it at IKEA a few years ago, and it's lived in our bedroom for a year or so now.  After reading this post: something clicked for me.  I knew I had to get that wonderful chair out of my bedroom.  I also got rid of the air filter we never use, an iron wishbone (it's PotteryBarn don't you know), and a huge glass vase with stones in it.  This act of simplification felt so good.  Not as good as Kristin stealing me away from the office today at 5:05pm or watching my daughter play this evening, but still, it was in the top 5 moments of my day.  I wouldn't even consider "my style" to be minimalist, but the principle of simplification breathed new life into me this evening.  Here's to Chair-free living.

Topics: Love Where You Live, Pottery Barn, zen,, IKEA