Enjoy the View

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.21.09

Last week Kristin, Reagan, and I spent 5 days away from work, our computers, smart phones...everything.  We stayed at a beautiful little house on a beautiful little river.  The rushing water, forest, fields, birds...you get the picture.  Here's the take away.  For me, it's incredibly important to have beautiful scenery.  When Kristin and I move in the future, it is a real goal of ours to improve the view, every time.  We already have a beautiful 1 acre piece of property.  But I don't think that I can ever have enough of this good thing.

One of the things remodeling can never do is change your scenery.  But you can control the vingettes of your home and garden and beauty may be the thing you're missing.

Topics: Love Where You Live