Favorite Room

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.28.09

What is your favorite room of your home?  For those of you whose answers came easy enjoy that luxury.  You love parts of your home.  Let me say it again, "YOU LOVE PARTS OF YOUR HOME!"  For those of you who struggle with your home not fitting your expectations don't worry.  It's okay.  You attack this problem in two ways:

1) Like to Love - Take the room you like the most and pick one or two things to change about it.  Maybe it's a new lamp or a new side table.  Or it could be adding crown molding and repainting the walls.  Small actions can push a room you like to become a room you LOVE!

2) Hate to Love (or Like may be good enough) - Remodel the room that causes you the most pain.  Maybe it's the bathroom with green tile.  Believe it or not, some of us feel totally fed up with a house when really one room is the problem.   Remodeling can help this.  Now, be forewarned, when you start this process of doing a major shift one room at a time that you are destined to keep moving your way through the house.  It will feel so good that in a year or two you'll want to take on the next room.

My goal, as you know, is that you will Love Where You Live!

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