How to Care for Granite Counter Tops

Posted by Ben Thompson on 10.25.10

Care: While heat resistant and scratch resistant, always use a cutting board with knives. Be cautious with hot objects-trivets are not necessary but recommended.

Your granite is sealed upon installation. It is recommended to seal tops within two years (or less for a marble or very porous granite). You can purchase sealer from the manufacturer or home improvement store. It must be specific for “natural stone.” It is about a 5-10 process you can do yourself. Or, the manufacturer can come out for a charge and seal it.

Cleaning: For routine cleaning, use a damp cloth. You can use a very mild soapy water; but this may cause a film if used often. Rinse with clean water and dry immediately to avoid spots. You may also use a glass cleaner such as Windex (no ammonia) or a specialized Granite cleaner. Avoid any acid based or abrasive cleaner.

Staining may occur from citrus fruits, wine, or oil-based substances, so clean spills as soon as possible.

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