Non-toxic Drain Cleaner

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.17.09

Thompson Secret Drain Cleaner Recipe: Unclog Your Drain With These Non-Toxic Products!

1 Cup Baking Soda
2 Cups Vinegar
1 Tea Kettle of Boiling Water

1) Get the baking soda down into your drain pipe - You want it as close to your clog as possible.
2) Add Vinegar (**Note: Once baking soda & vinegar combine it will fizz like crazy so what we suggest [if it seems prudent to you], is add the vinegar and then put a drain stopper over the drain to force the fizz down into the clog vs. just bubbling back up into your sink or tub.)
3) Wait 15 minutes for clog to soften
4) Pour boiling water down to rinse away the clog.

The ultimate question is does this actually work.  Yes, I have had it work for me before on sink drains.  However, this solution will not work every time.  Mechanical means may be necessary.

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