Only Keep Clothes You Wear

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.16.09

Saturday was the first lazy day we've had around our house in the last 4 months.  It was late afternoon and I had that restless feeling of wanting to actually accomplishing something.  What came to mind was the painful experience of the last two times we went on a family trip and opening my bag to find two t-shirts and a pair of pants that I don't fit into.  (Pause:  As an absolute luxury, Kristin will sometimes throw together essentials for me before a trip.  No spouse should be ever do this for a mate, and such a gesture should never be criticized because after all, why should I have clothes in my closet that I cannot wear.)

The previous story was absolutely the motivator for this Saturday story.  I ran to my dresser and pulled out 3/4 of a bag full of perfectly good clothes that do not fit my current body.  Then I jogged over to the closet and crammed the remainder of the bag full with two sweaters and a pair of pants that have not been worn since 2007.  Back to the center staircase of the house and I gave the good bag a heave down the stairs.  It bounced off the wall and landed near the "To Goodwill" pile.  Saturday activity complete!

Try it out, it felt wonderful in these ways:

  1. More room in my dresser/closet
  2. No more guilt about no room in my clothes
  3. Less opportunity to demonstrate my immaturity to my awesome wife
  4. Up the useful donations to Goodwill

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