Q&A: How to Keep Noise to a Minimum

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.15.11

I received a great question through our website the other day and thought the answer might be helpful to our readers.  The question was regarding a guest bathroom shower that, when running, can be heard throughout the rest of the house.  Is there anything that can be done to quiet this noise?

There are actually several options when trying to deaden sound:

1) Solid Core Door - change the existing hollow core to a solid core door.

2) Sound Batt Insulation - this would require opening the walls.

3) Cellulose Insulation - it would only require a 1.5" hole that would have to be opened, then patched, then the wall repainted... less intrusive than the sound batt insulation. If you don't like the color, no problem. It can also be added to the floor if access is gained.

4) Add sound-deadening materials - curtains on a window, a tapestry, pillow, etc. Minimal cost, minimal effect.








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