Small Changes. BIG Difference.

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.22.11

The biggest cost drivers in a kitchen remodel are 1) New cabinetry, 2) Relocating fixtures and appliances, and 3) New countertops in that order.

I love new cabinetry.  It allows us to redesign and reconfigure a kitchen to make it both beautiful and cook-friendly. Thompson designers go gaga over creating spaces and places for everything in your kitchen. But sometimes a kitchen doesn’t need a full-makeover, it just needs a facelift.

Here are some small changes [with smaller price tags] that make a BIG difference.

  • Invite new Countertops to become the focal point of your existing kitchen.
  • Too many new homes come with builder grade kitchens. Dress up those naked cabinets with crown molding and light valances.
  • Upgrade your flooring – Tile, Wood, and our favorite money-saver DuraCeramic.
  • Appliances & Fixtures – put in bright shiny new appliances.
  • Have a pro paint your cabinets and update your hardware.
  • Improve your day to day dishwashing with a new sink, faucet & sprayer.
  • Let our Designers Create a Custom Tile back splash that adds depth to your kitchen.
  • Fancy Lighting Fixtures and dimmer controls add drama. We live in Michigan. This morning was the first morning I’ve seen the sun rise before I arrived at the office in 6 months. We need layers of light in a kitchen. Remember, “If you light everything, you light nothing.” Let’s plan your lighting!

After you’ve finished reading, look again at the photo up top, isn’t that an amazing transformation? For more photos of money saving projects with dramatic results click here.

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