Station Wagon at Lowes

Posted by Ben Thompson on 12.19.09

So this morning right after co-hosting the Home Improvement Show I drove over to Lowes to buy two cool furniture-like bathroom vanities for "The Final Frontier."  I probably shouldn't say "final" but what this trip to Lowes did signify is the beginning of our last MAJOR frontier of our current home...the main floor bathroom.

Last weekend Kristin and I committed to getting the bathroom done this winter.  We talked through our priorities and Kristin, a Kendall trained Project Designer at Thompson Remodeling, started drawing up our plan.  Today I picked up the vanities - the first of many major purchases for this project.

So I walk out to the station wagon with my two vanities and a clerk from the store.  He doubts that they will fit in the super-wagon.  They both fit in perfectly - with 1" clearance all the way around.  I love that wagon!

Reasons for this post:

1) To announce that we are working on our bathroom publically and therefore get the accountability that you all offer to me to finish our personal projects quickly.

2) Say that it's okay for a remodeling professional to shop at a Big Box store.  Cool, cheap & easy works just fine sometimes.

3) Talk about my cool station wagon because most people expect me to drive a hyper-masculine truck.

Happy remodeling and wish us luck on the adventure of our final major interior remodeling project in this home.

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