Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.22.11

Today I was on the phone with a client who at one time felt trapped in her home.  When they bought it, they loved that they were on the river and that the kitchen was larger than the one in their previous home.  They love fell apart on the day they moved in as rain was dripping in the house in multiple places and kept dwindling as the years passed.  After their flat roof leaked for the 3rd time, they had had enough.  He declared, "It is time to get a real roof on this house."  We created a beautiful octagonal roof where the flat roof once was, along with an addition that housed a new kitchen that was better suited to their lifestyle.  We solved the major problems with the home and transformed the old into a house built for entertaining and enjoying the water.  Her advice to you all reading this, "I wish we had thought to rent a storage facility or POD instead of stacking up a ll our future during the project," and, "It takes time in a home to figure out what you like and dislike, but with mortgage rates being what they are, this is a great time to fix the problems in your home.  Our first mortgage on this house was 16%."

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