TRHIS - Thompson Remodeling Home Improvement Service

Posted by Ben Thompson on 02.20.11

For our design/build clients we stand in the middle of very complex projects.  We design, plan, coordinate, manage, and DO.  It is a service that requires professional expertise.  Adding an addition on to a home may have 30 different trades come together on that project, and we direct that process.  But what about the simple stuff - the hassle of maintaining your home?

We are offering a new service to our clients in 2011.  What if I gave you access to my black book of West Michigan's finest tradespeople & home-related service providers to manage your own, single-trade home maintenance projects?  My house requires various specialty trades to keep it running smoothly and so does yours.  An example - last week I needed a new garage door safety sensor.  I called my garage door company and in a few days it was fixed without even meeting them at my house.  It is so easy because I know who to call.

Here's How TRHIS Works:

  1. You call me - someone you know & trust.
  2. I  connect you with a fabulous service provider / trade contractor.
  3. They submit a bid that we forward to you electronically.
  4. You digitally approve the work once it meets your needs.
  5. They schedule the work & a payment structure with you.
  6. They do the work to the agreed standard.
  7. We facilitate the payment process so you have single source billing.

What You Get:

  1. Trusted service provider - the right person for your individual need.
  2. Convenience & speed - no more yellow pages, skip multiple meetings.
  3. Guaranteed - I am your advocate & the broker of payment to make sure the job is done right by one of my licensed & insured trade contractors or service providers.
  4. Cost effective - since we don't manage it, we don't mark up the work. The vendor pays TRHIS  a small service fee. It's a big win for you, work for the vendor, and another way Thompson Remodeling can help you Love Where You Live.

If you need a new garage door or something where one trade is involved just give me a call at the office 616-942-1866 or send me an email

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