Wood Floor Cleaner

Posted by Ben Thompson on 03.18.09

Wood floors are absolutely wonderful.  In fact, my feet are resting on the 1000 sf of vertical grain bamboo we installed in our home.  Have you ever wanted to know what to clean it with?  I recommend Bona Wood Floor Cleaner in the spray bottle.  You can find it many places around Grand Rapids, MI.  Kristin just told me a bottle lasts us about 3 months and we have a baby, a dog, and me to contend with.  We use the spray bottle in conjunction with a microfiber floor cleaning cloth that velcros to a swivel head on a pole.  If you need a source, I sell a small amount to friends and clients of Thompson Remodeling at the office for $8/bottle.   Give me a call 616.942.1866 if you want to get started.  Email is: Ben@ThompsonRemodeling.com.

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