Three Uniques

Thompson Remodeling partners with you to discover your style and vision for your home. We start by assessing what is keeping you from Loving Where You Live. Everything is on the table. We can fix anything inside, or on the outside, of your home. Our process ensures that there are no surprises – your custom project will be built on time, on budget, and to your approved project plans. Through our collaborative process and understanding each client’s individual needs and vision, Thompson Remodeling will design your unique remodeling solution. We want to help you Love Where You Live.

Our 5 Step Process

At Thompson Remodeling, all we do is residential remodeling. It is our passion and we are recognized as experts in our field. With our 30+ years serving West Michigan, our process ensures your project is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you, our client.


Online Access for Clients!

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