5 Ways to Maximize Your Bathroom Storage

Posted by Ben Thompson on 08.9.16

How would you rate your bathroom storage capacity? Do you have enough room for all of your toiletries, grooming tools, toilet paper, and towels? Most Grand Rapids homeowners feel their bathrooms are lacking in the storage department. It’s one of the main problems we work to solve when creating a bathroom design for our clients. Even though we are working with some of the smallest spaces in the home, our design team knows how to maximize every inch to accommodate each homeowner’s storage needs.

To demonstrate some of the ways you can get more storage in your bath, we’ll share some photos of recent projects we’ve completed.

Select a vanity with drawers

bathroom storage in vanity Select a vanity with drawers to allow better organization. It's also easier to find what you are looking for in a drawer than in a dark cabinet. Reserve cabinets for larger items like cleaning supplies or towels.

Incorporate built-in shelves

open shelving bathroom storage In this bathroom, we tucked 6 built-in shelves into the wall next to the toilet. This type of flexible bathroom storage allows homeowners to use the shelves for bins, folded towels or display.

Include a tower cabinet

tower cabinet bathroom storage When you can't add storage elsewhere, a tower cabinet is a great solution. This cabinet adds two additional drawers and a large reach-in cabinet to the vanity space.

Add floating shelves

floating shelves Floating shelves not only look great, but are also perfect for displaying toiletries or extra hand towels.

Don't forget shower niches

IMG_9066 Shower niches keep your soap, shampoos and conditioners handy.

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