Our Most Dramatic Bathroom Remodels

Posted by Ben Thompson on 11.23.20

Better functionality, updated finishes, and improved layouts are three elements of a great bathroom  remodel. Over the years, we have worked with many families to bring their bathroom vision to life, making their goals the driving force behind our creative designs. We've pulled together a few of our favorite bathroom remodels that had the most dramatic changes, including their before and after photos and links to the full stories behind the project.  Take a look below.

A Sophisticated Transformation

Thompson Bath 1-2

Many older Grand Rapids homes were designed with small utilitarian bathrooms. Today, homeowners want more than just a place to brush their teeth and take a quick shower; they want a relaxing, well-lit space with modern luxuries. Read more on this project.

Outdated Bathroom Gets Amazing Makeover

Thompson Bath 2

The before and after photos of this bathroom remodel are so dramatic they will make you look twice! Many Grand Rapids homeowners have an outdated bathroom or two in their homes that they want to update. For this project, our client's requested a major refresh of their main bathroom without making any structural changes.  Read more on this project.

Seventeen Inches Makes All the Difference in this New Bathroom

Thompson Bath 4

Imagine the length of seventeen inches. Now, consider if you added that width of space to your bathroom. What kind of impact could it have? A lot!  Read more about this project.

Thoughtful Design Delivers a Master Bath the Homeowners Thought They Could Never Have

Thompson Bath 3

When you spend years in your home you start to accept some of its quirks, like poorly arranged rooms or cramped bathrooms. Such was the case with these clients who longed for a nice master bathroom but figured it wasn’t in the cards for them. Read more on this project.

Ready to remodel your own bathroom? Please reach out to us so we can learn more about your needs and vision for your improved space.


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