Design Tips for a Windowless Bathroom

Posted by Ben Thompson on 06.30.21

Most homes have at least one bathroom without windows. And if you live in a condo, you may not have any bathrooms with windows.  Powder rooms or guest baths positioned within interior walls have a tendency to feel dark and small and they can present a design challenge.  How do you maximize light flow without any source of natural light? What can you do to make a small space feel larger?  Over the years, we’ve designed and remodeled a lot of bathrooms and have some design tips we can share with you that will enhance the look and feel of those without windows.

  1. Add multiple sources of light. You should never skimp on lighting in the bathroom. Your design should include wall-mounted vanity lighting, an overhead light source, and recessed lighting in the shower.
  2. Use glass doors for showers. With a glass shower door, you allow the eye to see the entire space, which will make it feel larger. You will also have unobstructed light flow in and out of the shower space.
  3. Use a large vanity or wall mirror or multiple vanity mirrors. Like glass, mirrors will reflect light and it will also create a larger sense of space.
  4. Consider a floating vanity. Floating vanities do not extend all the way to the floor and will feel less heavy in the space. If you do prefer something with legs, select something that is open at the bottom.
  5. Keep your color palette light. Lighter colors will better reflect your light sources.


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