FAQ: What’s better - granite or quartz countertops?

Posted by Ben Thompson on 04.8.16

Granite Vs. Quartz

With as many kitchen and bathroom remodels we design every year, we hear this question from many homeowners and we are happy to help them make the right decision for their project.  To determine if granite or quartz is a better choice for you depends on several factors and both materials have their pros and cons.

Let’s look at them side by side.


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Granite is 100% pure stone, so it has natural variations and no two pieces are exactly alike.  Although there are many different colors and patterns available, they will only be what can be found in nature.  Now that’s not to say you can’t find some granite with beautiful blues, greens and even pink, but if you want a specific or consistent hue it may be hard to find.


Quartz is made from crushed quartz mixed with pigment and resin. It is made in a wide variety of patterns and colors and offers a uniform look without variation. Quartz can mimic the look of both marble and granite.


granite or quartz

Granite is extremely durable, but since it’s a natural rock it can chip from heavy use.  It can also stain, which is why sealing is important.  With proper care, granite can last for decades.

double vanity bathroom designQuartz is just as durable as granite, plus it’s scratch, stain and heat resistant. The non-porous surface won’t collect bacteria like granite can. However, direct sunlight can cause discoloration over time.


Granite requires sealing at installation and re-sealing annually.

Quartz does not require any sealing or special cleaning, which makes it virtually maintenance free.  This is a big plus for quartz!


The price difference between granite and quartz is minimal until you start considering more unique patterns and colors of granite. Granite has become more affordable but the price will depend on the quality of the stone.

Thompson Remodeling has been designing kitchen and bathroom remodels for decades and we’ve seen the heyday of granite countertops.  Many of our clients still select granite for its natural beauty and unique aesthetic.  In recent years we’ve seen a big shift with our clients selecting quartz.  Both materials are versatile and will look fantastic in a variety of design styles.  Deciding between granite or quartz really comes down to personal preference and how much maintenance your are willing to keep up with.

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